seanSean was born in the beautiful county of Cornwall, England, many, many, years ago.

(Actually in Redruth, the same very small town as Kristen Scott Thomas, Mick Fleetwood and Angela Ripon were born would you believe.)

Shortly after his 7th birthday he moved across the country with his family to the very flat but also very beautiful county of Norfolk where he grew up. He went to the infamous Thorpe Grammar School where he learned about history and physics and English; but outside school he learned about fishing, shooting rabbits, progressive rock music, riding motorbikes and beer.

He also became interested at this time in acting and writing, appearing in several productions at college.

In 1986 he graduated from the College of Ripon & York St John in York, England, and headed off around the world.

Sean’s first acting roles on film were in commercials for Greek television. He soon progressed to Greek films and television serials before working on more international films and productions as well as doing plenty of voiceovers and documentary narrations.

At this time he also began directing a few short movies as well.

Sean currently lives in Malta and has appeared in a number of local productions; however, he’s also continued acting abroad and to date has appeared on film in Greece, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, England, India, the USA and Austria.

Sean’s Family

Sean’s father was a watercolourist; his mother was a writer. Sean has two brothers: his older brother is an architect and his younger brother is a song writer and music producer.

His older brother used to hit him when he was much younger. But then they both used to hit their younger brother so that made up for it. They stopped hitting each other when they discovered girls and calmed down. Now they all go surfing together every year and don’t hit each other (very often).

Sean also has two dogs and a cat.

Spare Time

In his spare time Sean likes watching films. Millions of them. Literally.

He also enjoys good whisky and listens to progressive music a lot which can be bad for one’s health. He’s also a vegan.

Curious Trivia

And just in case you’re interested…

  • Seán invented the acronym OSASCOMP when he wrote a grammar of English for language learners.
  • Seán co-wrote a song, Senza Lei, recorded by Duncan out of Blue.