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2019 La dama e l’ermellino (Italy, dir Lorenzo Raveggi) Ludovico Sforza
2018 Curse of the Blind Dead (Italy, dir Raffaele Picchio) Inquisitor
2018 Fuck You Immortality (Italy, dir Federico Scargiali) Bear Raper
2017 Almost Dead (Italy, dir Giorgio Bruno) Donald Dawson (co-lead)
2017 Il ragazzo invisibile 2 (Italy, dir Gabriele Salvatores) Jeweller
2016 Ciao, Brother (Italy, dir Nicola Barnaba) American Newscaster
2016 Los Feliz (Austria, dir Edgar Honetschläger) Rod
2015 Spidarlings (UK, dir Salem Kapsaski) Eden’s Dad
2014 Dalle Parti di Astrid (Italy, dir Fedrico Mattioni) Alienato (co-lead)
2014 Peruchazhi (India/USA, dir Arun Vaidyanathan) John Kory (English lead)
2014 Evil Souls (Italy, dir Roberto del Piccolo) Chief of Police
2013 The Vatican (USA, dir Ridley Scott) British Reporter
2013 Surrounded (Italy, dir Federico Patrizi) Mr Hogue
2012 Hayal (Italy, dir Patrick Mattarelli) Fynn (co-lead)
2011 Il Prezzo del Gioco (Italy, dir Tony Paganelli) Dimitri Donati (co-lead)
2007 Nhma (Greece, dir Spyros Hondroyannis) Anastasios Aheronis
2018 Devils (UK/Italy, dir Nick Hurran) Examiner
2018 The Medici: The Magnificent (USA/Italy, dir Jon Cassar) Priore Cellini (3 episodes)
2018 Tangle (television pilot with Gethin Jones) Winning Contestant
2016 John Cooper (USA Sky Television documentary) John Cooper
2014 Who’s Next (sketch show, RAI Italy) Referee
2013 Lightless (Italy, dir Giovanni Pedde/Vittorino Testa) Detective (supporting role)
2011 100 Years of Chevrolet, Documentary (Switzerland) Louis Chevrolet
2009 Λατρεμένοι μου Γείτονες (Greece) English Teacher (2 episodes)
2018 You (Italy, dir Nicola Abbatangelo; docufiction) Monk
2018 John Peter Sloan Real Life English (Italy, dir Marco Fornari) Sean (all episodes, co-lead)
2017 Bounty Hunter (Italy, dir Steven Renso) British Ambassador
2016 As the Sun Rises (Italy, dir Giordano Toreti) President of the Free World
2013 The Fisherman (Italy, dir Simona de Angelis) Donald
2013 ESL Drama (Italy, dir Theodore Kinna) Robert Scott (2 episodes)
2013 Ghost (Italy, dir Pietro Laino) Guest
2012 Xenia Zeus (Greece, dir Dimitris Zahos) Tomken (lead)
2012 Gelato (UK/Italy, dir Rochielle Parks) Old Man
2012 Drowning (Italy, Marta Alessio) Violent Punter
2012 Florence in Love (Italy, dir Diana Santi) Robert Norton (co-lead)
2012 L’Affitto (Italy, dir Theodore Kinna) Landlord
2011 I Like Your Hat (Switzerland) Tourist (co-lead)
2009 April 30th (Greece, dir George Cholera Vouzikis) Tortured Businessman (c0-lead)
2009 Bunny Poo Salad (Greece, dir Duncan Skinner) Various (3 episodes)
2009 Blow Rider (Greece, dir Theodore Kinna) English Redneck
2009 The Greek American (Greece, dir Theodore Kinna) Eliot Mason
2007 Ston Kipo (Greece, dir Xronis Theoharis) English Manager
2015 In Italy: IARP
2010-16 In Switzerland: Bernafon, COOP, Raifessen, IKEA, Nikon, Migros
2007-10 In Greece: Alapsis, Wind, Noy Noy, Golden Hall, Cosmote, Cyprus Electric, Hellenic Post Bank, Kotsovolos, Vodafone, Qualco, Multirama, Daihatsu, Cuore, Altec Phone, Toyotomi, Gallux, Delta, OSE, Skoda, Pireaus Bank, Kyknos, Eurobank, Bank of Greece
2018 Alexander Graham Bell (improv theatre) British Embassy (Italy)
2017 Educational Videos for Zanichelli in Milan (Italy)
2016 Campari Role Play management improv (Italy)
2016 Cinderella Baby – music video for Ginny Vee (Italy)
2015 Dead Bride – teaser trailer with film in production (Italy)
2015-18 Medical Education Videos (Padova, Italy)
2014 What Your’e Thinking – lead in music video for Chris & Moira (Italy/Malta)
2013 Tahiti – lead in music video for The Barbacans (Italy)
2013 Sotto Casa – music video for Max Gazze (Italy)
2012 Cenerentola Promotion (RAI, Italy)
2012 Digital Human – art installation (Italy)
2011 Facial Capture Technology, Walt Disney (Switzerland)
2011 Basel Billboard – advertising hoarding shots (Switzerland)
2011 UBS improv role play (Switzerland)
2009 Vodafone improv role play (Greece)
  Also: numerous voiceovers for various productions around the world for tourist videos, spoken books, smartphone apps, educational videos, art installations, poetry readings, documentaries, animated features, etc. I regularly work for several agencies in different countries for voiceovers.
2015-8 Acting for the Camera, Italy
2015 Acting for the Camera, Greece
2015 Acting for the Camera, Malta
2013 Los Angeles Method Advanced Acting Masterclass, Theodora Voutsa  
2013 Los Angeles Method Acting Masterclass, Theodora Voutsa  
2012 Preparazione ai provini per Cinema, Televisione e Pubblicità, Marita d’Elia, Rome, Italy
2010 Principles of Clown, Federico Nieto-El’ Gazi, Athens, Greece
2010 Acting for the Camera #2, Leon Herbert, Athens, Greece
2009 Acting for the Camera #1, Leon Herbert, Athens, Greece
2006 Acting for the Camera, Nikos Cornilio, Theatre of Changes, Athens, Greece
1983-86 Acting Courses, St Johns College, England