Languages, Skills & Sizes

tahitiIt’s often useful for an actor to have a few languages and skills up their sleeve for various roles.

This is a list of what I can do and what I look like…

Languages & Accents

  • British English – my mother tongue; I speak “standard” or “BBC” English by default (click here for my voicereel)
  • British English Accents – my Norfolk accent is perfect; I also speak with an excellent London accent and various accents from around the country
  • American English – I have acted in a number of films where my character is American. I do an excellent “standard” American accent and a very good Texas accent.
  • Greek – I speak good modern Greek. That means I understand it very well and can talk to people on everyday subjects in Greek (although with a slight accent). I’ve acted in Greek and can, of course, read it. Learning lines in Greek is no problem for me!
  • Italian – I speak good Italian. It’s no problem for me to act in Italian and I’ve done that several times with good results. I have a reasonably good Italian accent and don’t sound very English (certainly nothing like Stanlio e Ollio!).
  • Maltese – so far I’ve only managed to learn about 10 words in Maltese! It’s bloody hard!


  • Music – I play the flute and the drums
  • Clean Driving Licences – for motorbike and car
  • Sports – football, snooker, pool, surfing, aikido
  • Military – I have had military training – when I was much younger and fitter than now


For the wardrobe department and obsessed people, here are a few sizes…

  • playing age: 45-58
  • height: 1.80 m
  • weight: 80 kg
  • suit 50/52