Game Show Pilot (2018)

Well that was a fun weekend! I’ve spent the last few days hidden away in a studio north of Rome where we’ve been recording a pilot for a new international gameshow. I can’t talk too[…]

John Peter Sloan (2017)

Just spent a fantastic 3 weeks down in Sicily in the sun filming a series of DVDs for the new course from John Peter Sloan which is coming out later this year. Can’t say too[…]

Bounty Hunter (2017)

Spent a very enjoyable few days up in Verona shooting Bounty Hunter, the pilot for a new web series from Steven Renso. I play the British Ambassador while around me there are people fighting, ninja-like,[…]

John Cooper (2016)

I spent a very long, very cold, but very fascinating night in Rome filming a documentary about John Cooper, the racing driver and brains behind the legendary Mini Cooper rally car. In the documentary I[…]

As the Sun Rises (2016)

This is a very interesting project. As the Sun Rises is a short film directed by Giordano Toreti which will be used to launch a brand new Italian crowd-funding platform. We shot the teaser in the[…]

Bernafon (2016)

In March I nipped up to Zurich (lovely city, always worth a trip even though it’s somewhat “brisk” there) and filmed a role in the new Bernathon corporate film. I played a somewhat grim boss[…]

Dr Villa (2016)

For the second time in half a dozen years I visited the northern Italian city of Padua (Padova) to play the part of Dr Villa in a series of medical training presentations. This is all[…]

Ciao Brother (2016)

That’s what I love about this job. Yesterday lunchtime I was sitting doing very little when the phone rings for an urgent job. Less than 24 hours later I’m in Rome at a studio playing[…]

Loz Feliz (2016)

Los Feliz is a unique and incredible movie from Austrian director, Edgar Honetschläger. To say it’s a road movie is over simplifying it. It’s much more than that and you can check out the website to[…]

Almost Dead (2016)

In late 2015 I went down to Sicily to take part in the filming of a fantastic looking horror movie, Hope, directed by Giorgio Bruno and starring Aylin Prandi. Aylin’s character is a scientist who[…]

Cinderella Baby (2016)

Cinderella Baby is the title of a new song by Italian singer, Ginny Vee. The story is a modern take on Cinderella… and the video is more of a film than a video. I play[…]

Milan Advert (2015)

Filmed in Milan, this was an advertisement for a refrigeration display unit. Great fun filming; we spent all day in a cafe where I played the manager getting annoyed at my chef who made tasty[…]

Spidarlings (2015)

Spidarlings has been described as an LGBT horror musical: Poverty stricken lovers Eden and Matilda have enough trouble just getting through the days, but when Eden buys a pet spider the real troubles start. It’s like[…]

Dead Bride (2015)

Dead Bride is a stunning looking film under development by director Francesco Picone. In March 2015 we filmed the pitch trailer for this up in Lucca (near Pisa) in Italy. It was a brilliant set,[…]

Who’s Next (2014)

Now this was a bit different, a sketch for a television show. It starred a very tall thin man and a very short man and they had a wrestling match where I was the referee.[…]

Peruchazhi (2014)

Peruchazhi (pronounced, peru-chari) is a major Indian motion picture. It was filmed predominantly in Los Angeles, USA with a few inserts in Kerala, India. The film stars Indian actor Mohanlal as a political fixer who[…]

Dalle Parti di Astrid (2014)

Dalle Parti di Astrid is an independent Italian art-house feature from director Federico Mattioni. It is the story of journey. The protagonist, Astrid, must travel the city to find herself. On this journey she encounters[…]

Evil Souls (2014)

Evil Souls is an Italian horror film. We made it in Friuli, north-west Italy, with a cast mainly from the UK. Starring Peter Cosgrove, Julian Boote, Holli Dillon, Lisa Holsappel-Marrs and Paola Masciadri. And in[…]

ESL Drama (2013)

ESL Drama was a web series conceived and developed to help teach English as a foreign or second language. It was essentially a soap opera involving characters and plot lines: we’re talking drugs, sex, problems,[…]

Tahiti (2013)

In late 2013 I was part of a music video for an Italian indie band, The Barbacans. The result was Tahiti, a very eclectic piece which was awesome to make – great fun and especially[…]

The Vatican (2013)

The Vatican was a major American TV pilot shot in Rome and directed by the legendary director Ridley Scott and featuring Bruno Ganz. I was very pleased to have a role in this, playing a reporter[…]

Surrounded (2013)

Surrounded is a short psychological horror movie written and directed by Laura Girolami and Federico Patrizi, and produced by Gabriele Albanesi. It is the story of young woman – played by the beautiful and talented[…]

Sotto Casa (2013)

Sotto Casa (loosely translated at “on the doorstep”) was a brilliant music video from the singer, Max Gazze. We filmed it on the outskirts of Rome one weekend and it involved, amongst other things, a[…]

Xenia Zeus (2012)

Xenia Zeus was a short movie shot in Athens, Greece which was part of a series of shorts made to look at different aspects of Athens. It was directed by Dimitri Zahos with Monica McShane[…]

Drowning (2012)

Drowning was a fantastic looking short from Marta Alessio (who also directed Cinderella Baby). Me being nasty to a woman? Female evil creatures? Just take a look…

Hayal (2012)

Hayal was a movie shot by the excellent director, Patrick Mattarelli. It portrayed a dark side of business and for this particular shoot, my character ended up being burned badly. For this they created a full[…]

Lightless (2012)

Lightless was a short film made as a TV pilot. It featured a dystopian world with drug controlled masses and corruption at all levels. I played the part of a police detective trying to save[…]

L’Affitto (2012)

Occasionally films just don’t work out. L’Affitto was a short movie we made in Rome. We filmed over a couple of days and all looked good. The story was great, the filming was fun, and[…]

Digital Human (2012)

These was part of an art installation entitled Digital Human which was presented in Pisa in 2012. Each person was projected onto a screen and as people walked by we “spoke” to them. I had[…]

Florence in Love (2011)

Florence in Love was a film we shot in Florence in Italy. It was a very professional production and filming in Florence meant every day was like filming in an art gallery. Laura (played by[…]

Il Prezzo del Gioco (2011)

When I first arrived in Italy I was cast in a mob film where I was playing an American-Russian type mob boss. Great fun. We had guns, girls, the works. The best part about the[…]

100 Years of Chevrolet (2011)

2011 was the 100th Anniversary of Chevrolet  – the car company founded by, of course, Louis Chevrolet. For the celebrations I played the man himself in a short film about Chevrolet. We shot it in[…]

Basel Billboard (2011)

This was a new one for me. For a massive new shopping centre opening in Basel, Switzerland, they took some photos of me for the opening campaign. The photos were somewhat weird and unique and[…]

April 30th (2009)

April 30th was never completed. It was a conceived as the follow up film to Greek director George Cholera Vouzikis’ cult Greek horror movie, Soul Looting. Only a few scenes were shot including one where my[…]

8am (2009)

8am was the first film I directed. We put it together for the first 48hr Film Competition in Athens, Greece in 2009. This is where we had 48hrs to write, shoot and edit a film.[…]

Blow Rider (2009)

This is a film we made for the 2009 48hr film competition in Athens. The entire thing was written, shot and edited over a single weekend. No sleep, but great fun… The story is basically[…]

Bunny Poo Salad (2009)

Bunny Poo Salad is a series of short sketches put together and devised by Greek based British actor, Duncan Skinner. They are anarchic, strange, funny and slightly disturbing. Beginning in 2009 we filmed a couple[…]

The Greek-American (2009)

The Greek-American was my first major short film as director. An amazing experience and working behind the camera for a change taught me more about working in front of the camera than an entire degree[…]

Νήμα (2007)

Νήμα – or Thread in English – was one of the first full length features I was part of in Greece. It was a well conceived psychological horror story inspired by the Japanese horror franchise,[…]

Στον Κηπο (2007)

Στον Κηπο or In the Garden was a short film for ERT (the main Greek television channel) made by Xronis Theoharis. It was a reflection on life and humanity and beautifully made and filmed. I played the[…]